Operation Independence

Honoring our Veterans is not a one-time event. It's an ongoing responsibility we all share. That's why we need your help to support those who have given so much to our country. By giving a monthly recurring donation of just $19.95, you can make a real difference in the lives of our Veterans.

Your donation will help provide vital support to those who have served our country with honor and courage. From transitional housing assistance and transportation to PTSD counseling and emergency assistance for veterans and their families, your generosity will help ensure that our Veterans get the help they need.

Every day, our Veterans face unique challenges that most of us cannot even imagine. Operation Independence aims to help veterans in need reestablish their indpeendence and with your help, we can make a real difference. Your donation will help us provide the resources and support our Veterans need to live with dignity and respect.

Please consider giving a monthly recurring donation of $19.95 to support our Veterans. Your contribution will make a world of difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

As a token of appreciation for setting up a monthly recurring donation, we will send you this challenge coin.



A note on the coin: it is heavey and the star on the back protrudes a bit so that you can spin the coin on a flat surface, almost like a top.

Monthly Recurring Donation

Follow these steps to set up a monthly recurring donation of $19.95.

Note: these steps require a PayPal account in order to set up a monthly recurring donation.

  1. First, click this link to open the donation page (don't worry, the page will open in a new tab) and then click the Donate Now button as seen in this screenshot below:
  2. You will be taken to the start of the donation flow. This flow is handled by PayPal, but once you're finished with the donation, you will be redirected back to our site.
  3. To set up a monthly recurring donation for $19.95 you can refer to the screenshot below:
    • a. Click Monthly
    • b. Enter 19.95.
    • c. Click Donate with PayPal.
  4. Follow the remaining instructions on the page.

We sincerely appreciate your time and conisderation.

Your donation is a tax-deductible donation to Veterans Helping Veterans. Your support helps us help those who served. Please retain a copy of your email receipt from the PayPal transaction for tax purposes. Your contribution is making a meaningful impact on the lives of veterans.

Thank you for your support!